Emmanuel, 15 from NTUGAMO DISTRICT.

Emmanuel aged 15 years was promised a job in Kampala after being brought from Kashenyi, in Ntungamo District at the Uganda-Rwanda border, more than 350 kilometers from the capital city.


Meet Justus, a 16-year-old boy who dreamt of a better life in Kampala, inspired by his friend's tales. Fueled by excitement, Justus scraped together whatever little money he had and embarked on the journey to the city of hopes.

Emma Tugumisirize, 12 FROM KYENJOJO DISTRICT.

Emma Tugumisirize, aged 12-years-old found himself entangled in the hardships of street life in Kampala. Initially lured by an older friend with promises of earning money for Christmas, Emma's hopes were shattered when his companion abandoned him upon reaching the city.

Seith Binayisa, 15.

Seith Binayisa, whose life took a drastic turn when his mother left for Saudi Arabia to work, leaving him in the care of his father and stepmother. Unfortunately, his new living situation became a nightmare as he endured domestic violence inflicted upon him by his father and stepmother

Calvin Wasajja, 7 .

Calvin Wasajja, aged 7 years is a second generation of street children. His parents, who were homeless themselves, could not provide the care he needed, and eventually abandoned him. Left in the hands of another homeless adult named Najib, Calvin's situation remained precarious

Mohammed Amondi, 15.

Mohammed Amondi, 15-year-old boy lived with his single mother, loving grandmother, and three siblings. Despite his eagerness to pursue his studies, circumstances forced Mohammed to halt his education midway through primary school in 2022